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Advanced Advisory

The power of Booktrailer

Goood always chooses to take one side: that of innovation. And it doesn’t matter where it comes from, the important thing is to follow it and be able
to tell it.

Advanced Advisory is a book by Leonardo Valle, a manager from Latina, which faces the prospects of industry 4.0 in a fascinating way. Despite its recent release, this book – published by Lab DFG – has rapidly become a reference text for universities and businesses.

We were very excited to follow a project like this from its early stages and to take care of its coordinated image. In particular, Goood designed the book cover and created the book trailer video: a high-impact editorial promotion tool, highly appreciated in the USA and in England, but not widely used in Italy yet. The video, designed in motion graphics, uses the combination of text, graphics and photographic elements to give an anticipation on the contents of the book. Minimalism, narrative fluidity and aesthetic contrasts create a strong recognition.



Eleonora Bompieri art director & motion graphic designer

Fabrizio Cavada motion graphic designer

Agnese Petturiti copywriter

Raffaella Transerici line producer