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For those who don’t smoke,
it’s a fairytale 

The educational power of irony

Active and passive smoking is one of the major health risk factors and the main cause of cancer. After the Yirst successful experience in 2016 with the slogan “Il fumo fammale” (Smoking Hurts), GOOOD designed a new multi-subject campaign for the Ministry in 2018, still focusing on witty irony and a charismatic spokesperson: Nino Frassica.

To inspire the screenplay, the claim “For those who don’t smoke, it’s a fairy tale!”. A positive tone of voice, inviting reflection through a smile. A strong message and uncomfortable verses for sure, conveyed through the likeability and surreal comedy of Frassica, which has gone viral reaching a young and social audience.

In the subjects of the commercials, two bad characters from fairy tales complain about their social life penalized by the vice of smoking. To help them concretely, Professor Nino advises them to change their attitude and follow a simple but clear recipe: don’t smoke. A happy ending assured…

The campaign was broadcast on TV, social media, web and radio. The TV and radio commercials in particular were scheduled to be broadcast by the main national stations. Awarded of Premio Agorà as “Best Advertising on TV”.





Ascanio Malgarini & Christian Bisceglia directors

Luca Santini photography directors

Raffaella Transerici line producer

Roberto Lattanzi editing

Makinarium special make-up