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The new Economy Class

The future‘s aircraft comfort

Qatar Airways, the world’s leading airline, has chosen Optimares and Goood to revolutionize its Economy Class. The goal was extraordinary: to ensure and improve the cabin experience, keeping standards at the top.

An innovative and exciting seat was created. A comfort system, characterized by a patented reclining mechanism, which allows passengers to obtain a greater recline without invading the space of the person sitting behind them.

Goood has been able to anticipate the requests of a prestigious and demanding client, not limiting itself to the creation of a product that follows higher standards, but also taking care of its launch: a collaboration that has contributed to determine the success of the whole operation.

The highlight of this journey into the future of comfortable air travel was the announcement of the new Economy Class on the occasion of the ITB of Berlin in 2019. Here too it was Goood that made the announcement, thanks to a full 3D video created for Qatar Airways: a virtual tour of the cabin anticipating the relaxing experience.



Ascanio Malgarini designer team leader & creative director

Alessandro Braca product team leader

Sonia Fornea designer

Andrea Giordano designer

Alessio Morsicani designer

Eleonora Bompieri graphic designer