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Umbria Tourism Campaign


Our images to express
the green heart of Italy

Thanks to an innovative project both in terms of strategy and creative concept, in 2018 GOOOD won the three-year call for proposals for the communication of Umbria Tourism. The result was a photographic journey that saw us explore Umbria in every corner, in search of the perfect scene.

The chosen style is that of a documentary, to portray the most authentic Umbria, along the paths and in the glimpses, the people and their smiles. Two well-known names in photography, Paolo Petrignani and Marcello Scopelliti, have created artistic shots dedicated to an audience that is as diverse in its interests as the wealth of possibilities in this magnificent Italian region.

An intersection of experiences marked not only by food, music, paths but also and above all by the endless curiosity to know what Umbria can still give us, out of all stereotypes. Some of the photos taken have become the characters of an impressive advertising campaign, which has brought the Umbrian atmosphere to the biggest Italian cities.



Raffaella Transerici line producer

Agnese Petturiti copywriter

Marcello Scopelliti photographer

Paolo Petrignani photographer

Ramon Tittoni photography assistant

Raffaella Zonzin production assistant