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Ideas have the power
to improve our lives.

We were born in 2014 as a design boutique and, full of enthusiasm, we have developed a flexible consulting system that is always open to new markets. Today we deal with experience design and strategic communication: two worlds united by imagination, aesthetics, and functionality. However, GOOOD is above all a way of doing things. A method with which we approach every project, and which has only one goal: to improve people’s lives. We applied our vision of design to a particular sector, airplane interior design, bringing a new idea of comfort to the premium class of some of the most important airlines in the world. Thanks to a long experience in cinema and video production, we know how to design engaging stories with the power of images and new narrative paths. We move within innovation, work to drive it forward, and help our clients to communicate it. Strategy and humanity, to be a true ally in any creative adventure.

We are all the team
you could want

We prefer synergies to hierarchies. Thanks to a flexible and modular structure, we are always ready to create the team that the challenge requires. An agile organization based on a clear definition of responsibilities and a direct channel to the customer. We are innovation facilitators, different but complementary professionals, strategic dreamers who are always looking for an idea that is above all useful.

Ascanio Malgarini
Co-founder & CEO


A concrete visionary. He is an expert in design, computer graphics and animation, video direction and post production. During his almost 25 years of experience, he has collaborated with important national and foreign brands such as Bulgari, Vodafone, Tim, Fiat, Allianz. He has produced, directed, and supervised dozens of films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries.

Alessandro Braca


A courageous entrepreneur. He holds a master’s degree in International Finance from Bocconi University and attended a Management & Business English program in the United States. After his experience at McKinsey & Co and i2 Technologies Sa in Brussels, he was CEO of Aviointeriors. He is the founder of BSP Pharmaceuticals and Optimares, Italian excellence in aerial interior design, which has won important international awards.

Raffaella Transerici
Line producer


A precious solver. Her long experience as a producer makes her a crucial part of the team, able to organize and plan work, manage employees, and create synergies between different departments. The optimization of production times is a challenge that she always manages to win, thanks to her charisma and strong motivation.

Sonia Fornea
Product designer


Anesthetic explorer. She has one single goal: to design products that pay ever greater attention to the user experience. Graduated in Industrial Design and specialized in Product Design at the University La Sapienza in Rome, she found the perfect opportunity for research aimed at highperformance design in the aeronautical sector.

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